Gaza – A Test for the Believers by Dr. Ibrahim Dremali

This is a powerful Khutbah that reminds the believers that through Allah’s great mercy, He puts us through hardships in order to test us, to distinguish who the true believers are, and to purify us. 

Our Ummah is going through a lot of trials and tribulations at the present time, but the Sheikh gives examples of some of the greatest trials in the past that resulted in victory.  During the time of Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahu Allah), the Muslim Ummah went through severe harships.  The Tatars invaded the Muslim countries, killing everybody, from men, women, soldiers, children, animals… making piles of bodies.  But those killers, those Tatars, those Mongolians entered Islam after that and Islam became victorious with those people ya Allah.  Look at the number of Muslims in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and the surrounding areas!  The Mongolians carried Islam there.  Subhan’Allah.  

The situation in Gaza right now is inhumane in a way that is beyond belief.  But there is hope, a light, something that will come sooner or later.  The Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) swore that Islam would prevail and be victorious, bringing peace to the earth.  May Allah SWT reparate Ghazzah, and grant victory to them, and Muslims all around the world.  Ameen Ya Rabb!

Don’t ever lose hope.  Hasbi Allah wa naimal wakeel – Allah is sufficient for us and the best of Guardians!

Four Decades of Occupation

Four decades of occupation

Happening to the best of all nations

What will become of the new generation

O Allah grant them salvation

For them this is a dedication

A call for an end to the defamation


Don’t let go of your determination

Persist in du’aa in your prostration

This is only Allah’s preparation

For a great victory that follows tribulation


Continually make your invocations

He hears the call of all His creation

And better than that we are Muslims by identification

According to the Prophet’s narration

Our affairs are good for us – we will have compensation

From his words take inspiration


Picture this lovely illustration

A total change and variation

An end to the foreign occupation

Living in peace and relaxation


Brothers and sisters this is no falsification

Allah speaks the truth with no misrepresentation

Be steadfast and obedient and endure trials with patience

And the reward will bring you to total elation

Because Allah said we are the best of all nations


“Kuntum khayra ummatin”


~Um Yusuf as-Siddiq