What I Love About My Muslim Wife

Taken from sistersmagazine

Brothers from different walks of life tell us what they love most about their wives – may Allah reward them with good!
“What I love about my wife” 
How would life be without my wife? 
The emptiness, 
the strife, 
Would all be rife 
I care not to think of that plight amiss 
So much I love ’bout her, too long is the list. 
Her faith in her Lord and her pure and dear heart 
Tis the reason I married her, but that’s just the start 
Beauty pervades her, in every way and thought 
These are blessings so countless … can never be bought 
Her smile, her gentle face, the sparkle in her eyes 
When our kids are causing havoc, logic defies 
So hard-working, striving to make her family content 
Yearning foremost to make her Lord happy 
Reasons enough for a singler’s lament 
Desire and doing in her life is her worth 
Allaah upon us Your Mercy shower,
And increase our blessed state 
And Your Mercy enshroud her when she’s raised from this earth 
So when you asked us to write “what you love about your wife” 
That blessings so countless, I dare not think of life 
And after so many years our love still gets stronger 
Allaah I cannot thank you enough for all that you have given me 
Just allow me to be with her in Jannah 
And make our bond stronger. 
By Abu Abdillah 
34yrs old from London, UK

What do I love about my Muslim wife?
Everything. My wife is the closet partner and friend I’ve ever had. She is the ‘backbone’ of our household. After a very long day at work, it is very comforting to come home and just be with my wife (& the screaming kids). She is my ‘treasure box’ and the ONLY key is with me, alhamdulillah. The most satisfying thing to hear from my wife is to hear how much she loves me, which builds further the bond between us.
Should I be allowed to re-run this life again, surely this would be the one thing I would not change.
Tansar Hussain, UK
What I love about my Muslim wife is her ability to adapt to different
situations and surroundings. It’s not easy for women who marry and move away
from home, having to start all over again, leaving behind their family and
friends….its something us men take for granted!
“My wife, masha Allah, loves to learn about Islam and takes time out of her busy schedule to read authentic Islamic books on issues of Tawheed, ‘Aqeedah, Islamic manners etc… My wife does her best to implement Islam in our family life and does not just practise Islam when it is easy to but also when it gets difficult alhumdulillah.  She is very patient with me when I am angry in trying to calm me down and does not leave me until she has found a way to please me. She is playful and likes to joke around once in a while and lightens the mood when life gets stressful.  My wife is very particular about the house and works very hard to keep it as clean as possible, masha Allah.  I find her to be a very good mother attentive and loving to her kids’ needs as well as in disciplining them when it is needed.  She is careful to thank me for every good that I do (i.e. provide money for groceries and needs, take her out on a date etc) – she has even expressed guilt at forgetting to say thank you to me after she bought groceries! 
Abu Taimyyah, Age 37, United States
Allah is so Merciful and Gracious that if I tried to count the blessing that my Lord has bestowed upon me I would not be able to do, I just might lose my fingers! And one of those blessing is my wife. All praise is for Allah and no one else. In His infinite wisdom he gave me a prize, a jewel, the blessing of a righteous wife, masha Allah. She has this unconditional love that is tremendous and beautiful, Allahu akbar! We have six children and this August, insha Allah, it will be eleven years that we have been married and the only thing I would trade her for is Jannah. I love my wife ‘big much’. I ask Allah to keep us together until He calls us back to him, ameen. I ask Allah to bless those Muslim marriages out there with love and goodness from His Rahma, ameen.
Amir Abu Hudhayfah Ali-Dorsey, East Orange NJ, Masjid Rahmah

Her patience – especially with me
Her support – when others would have given up
Her understanding
Her wisdom
Her strength
Her kindness
And I thank Allah that we are together and may He keep us that way.
Anonymous Brother

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