5 thoughts on “How Can You Deny?

  1. Very nice. However, you have left Jesus, the Son of God out of this. Without Him, you will not enter into heaven. I encourage you to read about Jesus Christ, come to know him and what his death on the cross meant to mankind. It is only through acceptance of his death for all sin you will see heaven. May God be with you today………

  2. Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Actually Muslims know a lot of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), as he is mentioned extensively in the Quran and the traditions of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

    In Islam it is taught that he is one of the greatest prophets, was born a miraculous birth of a virgin mother and no father. His birth was miraculous like Adam, the first man on earth, who was born without a mother or a father. Allah is Almighty and can do anything He wants. He simply says “Be” and it is.

    Jesus healed the sick, the blind and had many other abilities by the permission and will of Allah. He came to propagate the message of Monotheism, like all the other Prophets did, from Adam to Mohammed (peace be upon them all). And Jesus prayed to the same God that all the prophets prayed to, the One who created us, guides us, and provides for us.

    Allah is the only one deserving of our praise. Only through His mercy will we enter Paradise. In Islam it is taught that Allah is so great He is beyond any need for a son, partner, mediator, or anything similar to that of which His creation needs. He is the Creator of everything. He is One, with nothing comparable to Him. Our relationship is directly linked to Him.

    Muslims believe that Jesus did not die on the cross, but was taken up to Heaven and will return to earth one day, when Judgment Day is near.

    May Allah guide us all to the right path; Ameen.

  3. First I just want to say that I am not Muslim , but I found your page to draw me closer to the Almighty one. I do feel that if Jackie was to stop a moment prior to posting, she would realize that(for her belief that is) Jesus being God in the flesh during his time here(showing us who God is), and that he is back in heaven. I would feel that would mean if anyone talks about God/Allah that they are not leaving Jesus out. In other words if Jesus=God then in the technical sense he isn’t left out. no matter what your faith is, the Christian Jesus purpose was to be an example of Who God is, and that it is God’s decision to bring us to him not ours. Further more it is our job to work at getting closer to him, being like him, or any other words you use to explain it using the human language.

    side note: I was really inspired by this site as well as others and if you are willing to post some of your incite on my new blog it would be deeply appreciated(of course not expected)sparkfellowship.wordpress

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